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There is a lot of science that goes into having a great night's sleep. Here at Yorkshire Interiors, we want to make sure you understand your bed so you can select the one that is right for you. Find out more about beds below.

Mattresses: How is a mattress made?

What you need in a quality mattress

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This comes from the quality springs that we use which is made from vanadium steel.



Mattress upholstery for both comfort and support

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Finishing of the mattress will help keep the mattress together neatly

Traditional Wool Tufted Mattress

Our hand-tufted Yorkshire Interiors & Home mattresses last longer. They are durable and are better quality than machine quilted mattresses.


The reason why we make our mattresses the traditional way is because this technique allows us to keep the materials from moving and sagging and therefore helps the mattress to be more durable and last longer.


Wool tufting also helps you to enjoy a more comfortable sleep as the tufting provides you to sleep evenly distributed surface.


What Are the Alternatives to Mattress Tufting?

With a high upholstery content in a natural fibre, pocket sprung mattress there really is no alternative to tufting.


In synthetic materials, quilting can be an option if the layers are thin enough. This is because the materials are created in uniformed layers which are bonded together with glues whereas natural fibres are needled together and then layered on top of each other, without the use of glue.

However, even with synthetic materials the more fibres you put in a mattress, the more likely the need to tuft them to keep them in place.


Our Yorkshire natural collection range are always tufted because of the sheer volume of upholstery that they contain.  Far more than most models in this price range found in retailers. So tufting is essential.

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Pocket Springs

Our springs are still made the traditional way since the 1900s, lengths of high-grade durable vanadium steel are wound six times before they’re individually wrapped in natural calico pockets or polythene.

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What are the benefits of a pocket sprung mattress?

  • Pocket springs help prevent movement/transference between sleepers

  • Pocket spring beds are breathable and do not allow heat to build-up

  • Pocket sprung mattresses enable you to have far greater support than a cage sprung or open coil mattress 

  • The highest quality pocket springs will be calico encased and the spring wire will be vanadium plated ensuring the wire stays rust-free

  • Pocket sprung mattresses enable you to choose tailored tensions to suit your exact bodyweight

Laying on Mattress

What tension is best for you?

A comfortable bed is the basis of a good night's sleep and that is why it is vital to encourage the connection of our body with the bed as a place where we only sleep. This is why it is important for you to understand what mattress tension is best for you. At Yorkshire Interiors & Home we provide a choice of three tensions soft, medium and firm.


You are probably wondering which one of these tensions is best for you.

Front sleeper

Front Sleepers

The best mattress for front sleepers would be a soft tension. As the name suggests, they are the softest type of mattress as they are more comfortable against the contour of the front of your body and face.

Side Sleeper

Side Sleepers

The best mattress for side sleepers is firm to extra-firm support. This is the UK's most common sleeping position - and it's great for pregnant women and aiding digestion. As your spine is less supported in this position, you'll need a mattress that picks up the slack.

Back Sleeping

Back Sleepers

Medium support. If you like to 'starfish', you need a mattress that can evenly distribute your body weight while still feeling comfortable. A medium-support mattress will help keep your spine in the correct alignment - a soft mattress would allow you to sink too much and resift in an unnatural curved position during sleep.

When making our Yorkshire Interiors & Home mattress we are aiming to achieve a good balance of gradual support. This therefore means that there has to be a similarity directly between you and the upholstery and the spring unit. 

When you are laying on your mattress the spring unit should have an element of movement that adjusts to your slight movement when you are laying on the mattress. This is something that happens, and you may not be aware of, but yet important for a good night's sleep.


If the spring unit does not have an element of movement, there is something that is not quite right with the mattress. For instance, the upholstery layers are too firm for the spring unit or the spring unit is too firm for the upholstery. 

To find out more about which mattress is best for you, get in contact with the team here at Yorkshire Interiors & Home. Alternatively, visit our shop to find the perfect bed for your home.

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